We actively invest in diversified asset categories, including cash and cash equivalents, equities,  debt or fixed income investments, and alternative investments. 

We choose combinations of these investments to form strategies we deem appropriate given the client’s investment objectives and risk tolerance.

TAM also uses some leverage and hedging techniques, including derivatives designed to mimic equity or debt positions, buying securities on margin and selling securities short.



  • Money market funds 
  • Fixed Income securities 
  • Common and preferred Stock
  • Limited partnerships
  • Open end and closed-end mutual funds
  • Derivatives based on tangible and intangible assets such as options and futures


  • Real estate 
  • Energy interest
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Private equity
  • Private debt 
  • Participation interest 


Investment Philosophy 

  • Long term growth 
  • Balanced Income and growth
  • Preservation of capital

We research each investment opportunity using fundamental evaluation by analyzing opportunity from multiple perspectives.